Graveyard Johnnys Announce New Album “Dead Transmission” Is Set For May Release

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Graveyard Johnnys Announce New Album “Dead Transmission” Is Set For May Release

The South Wales Punk/Rock’n’Roll trio have announced details of their new album, “Dead Transmission” – To be released on 11/05/2015 through Bomber Music

The new 10 track album ‘Dead Transmission’ will be released on 11th May 2015 through Bomber Music.

Available on Digipak CD, Red 180g Vinyl and Digital.

To celebrate the release of ‘Dead Transmission’, Graveyard Johnnys will be playing a very special London show at The Borderline on 15/05/2015.
Support from: The Zipheads + The Ligaments

“There’s elements of rockabilly in it, of course, but overall I suppose the music is more Johnny Thunders than Johnny Burnette.” Says Double Bassist and singer, Joe Grogan, about the new record.

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Graveyard Johnnys – Dead Transmission (Released: 11/05/15)

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Graveyard Johnnys are a band that have no respect for any sort of rules or guidelines. Formed in 2008 the trio immediately embarked on doing things their own way. Their debut, self-funded EP ‘Streetblocks and City Lights’ was fired out to anyone they thought might listen. One pair of ears that pricked up immediately were those of Mike Davies, champion of the underdog and master of the decks at the sadly now demised Radio One Punk Show. Heavy rotation followed and to date, five BBC sessions, including two at the famous Maida Vale Studios.

The boys, wasted no time packing their kit into a van and headed off on tour all over the UK and eventually Europe and Scandinavia. The vultures were already circling. Joe Grogan plays double bass and treats it with no respect whatsoever, just the sort of the fella the Psychobilly scene loves. Complimenting the ‘click-clack’, is the thunderous drum abuse, that only a real life lumberjack like Tom Lord could produce.

With influences mainly coming from Punk Rock and early Rockabilly but straying into heavier territory at times and a hint at the Irish-folk side at others, the Graveyard Johnnys can’t be pigeonholed into a single genre – Working on their own terms, with no compromise and steering clear of the well trodden gimmicks of days gone by.

The Johnnys snapped up the cream of the Psychobilly Festival slots all over Europe but, whilst keeping their options and avenues open, forged their own way playing headline gigs anywhere and everywhere alongside a wide range of support slots to bands ranging from Turbonegro to Hayseed Dixie, amassing a Graveyard Johnnys Army along the way.
Through relentless hard work on the road, heads were beginning to turn, and the band’s first European tour with Mad Sin and The Peacocks followed, the Graveyard Johnnys snatched at the chance, and took to the road, again.

Fast forward to 2011 and minus two guitarists who fell by the wayside, Tom and Joe decided to write their first full length album – ‘Songs From Better Days’, with Joe playing all the guitar as well as slapping the bass. The album showcased the band’s thirst to push the boundries of the genres they were so often lumped into whilst telling tales of those first years on tour and the life and times of being in the van.

At this point, a two-piece, the band needed a permanent guitarist, so into the fold wandered Callum Houston and finally the definitive line-up was complete. Since finding their feet as a trio the band have continued to tour relentlessly throughout Mainland Europe and Scandinavia and made their US debut last summer on an extensive tour of the Westcoast opening for Nekromantix.

The line-up is now solid, so time for this new album, ‘Dead Transmission’. Piss and vinegar in places, affectionate in others, but rocking everywhere. There are lyrical nods to the past, Dale Hawkins and Carl Perkins, and even a tribute to the Sex Pistols in there. Really? Probably not, it’s all interpretation…

For further information, to attend a show, to arrange coverage or anything else, please get in touch: /// (+447754413686) or me Simon Nott +447825618557

Astro Zombies – ‘Frogs Legs’ (Crazy Love)



Vive Le France! The Astro Zombies, everyone’s favourite Gallic rockabilly troubadours are back. Not only back, but back to the revolution and deadlier than Madam Guillotine. Not the revolution that saw aristocratic heads roll, but the evil wicked mean and nasty musical revolution of the 1980’s, psychobilly.
Que se passe-t-il?! I hear you cry, and quite right too, of course Bobby and the boys have been performing rabid psychobilly since 1996, their first album conceived in Paul Fenech’s very own studio. Mais méfiez-vous, for this album, the boys have gone way back to the roots, this is vieux école flavoured with garlic and cuisses de grenouilles. That’s not to say a history lesson, they’ve taken the excitement and flavour of early psycho, dragged its carcass to 2014, added red wine and their own surprises with twists to taste.
Frog Legs has all the ingredients to raise the roof of any party, it’s fast, it’s furious, it’s funny and it rocks like crazy. If there were a society for the protection of instruments the Gendarmes would soon be kicking down the Burgundy door the Zombies lurk behind. No mercy is shown to the poor battered double bass, drums and guitar for 12 rumbustious tracks.
These 12 tracks take you on a wild ride, from the delights of eating dismembered amphibians’ limbs and fishy fingers via the perils of reptilian men, monsters, zombies and crazy monkeys, all resulting in a pungent platter.
The Astro Zombies; unmistakably French, undoubtedly psychobilly and most definitely cooking on gas. Music with aroma. Merveilleux!

Simon Nott

Billy Oxley of The Epileptic Hillbillys interviewed in the latest issue of UK Rock N Roll

The latest UK Rock N Roll Magazine includes my regular Psychobilly Corner column. This month features an interview with Billy Oxley of The Epileptic Hillbillys. There’s also a Psychobilly Corner extra with four ‘Wreckord Reviews’ including The Zipheads, Luna Vegas, X Ray Cat Trio & The Astro Zombies. Get it now at all good newsagents.

UK Rock N Roll Magazine - March 2015

UK Rock N Roll Magazine – March 2015

My Crazy Cavan & Kitty Daisy and Lewis interviews feature in the latest Vive le Rock Magazine

The latest issue of VIVE LE ROCK is out now, it features my interview with ‘Crazy’ Cavan Grogan of Crazy Cavan N The Rhythm Rockers. The interview is spread over four pages with previously unpublished photos. It includes some excellent stories of the young Joe Strummer who was an early fan of the band. Also I talk to Kitty, of Kitty Daisy and Lewis talking about their new album ‘The Third’. Of course the mag is packed full of other great stuff, has The Sex Pistols on the cover and includes a superb cover-mount CD.

Here’s what you are looking for, in all good newsagents or their website


R.I.P Jimmy Denson – Memphis legend

Sad news from our friend Tad Pierson in Memphis. Jimmy Denson, brother of Lee aka Jesse James passed away on Feb 2nd. Lee Petherick and I visited Memphis back in 2003. We met Tad when we hired him to drive us round the city in his pink Cadillac (what else!) and show us the sights less seen. He was playing some great music as we drove, I commented that I loved this one, ‘The South’s Gonna Rise Again’ by Jesse James. Tad looked a little surprised I knew it, not as surprised as I was when he got his phone out and dialed Jimmy Denson and passed him over. Jimmy had written the song that his brother recorded. He had stories (not always complimentary) about Elvis, Johhny and Dorsey Burnette and a whole host of 1950’s rockabilly legends he grew up with. On our last day in Memphis we hired Tad again to take us to the airport in style. On the way there we dropped in to visit Jimmy in his home. There he sat, smoking his cigarette and sipping on his whiskey regaling us with more stories and showing us photos of those early days. One of the magic moments was showing us his school boxing trophies with his and brother Lee’s names on them as well as Johnny and Dorsey Burnette’s (whom he told us was the meanest and you wouldn’t want to fight). I’m very sad to learn of Jimmy’s death but glad to learn he spat in life’e eye for another decade. R.I.P, on your way Jimmy, oh and when you get there, don’t go punching Elvis too hard, your Mom wouldn’t like it!

Me, Jimmy and Lee, Memphis 2003.

Me, Jimmy and Lee, Memphis 2003.


Here’s his brother Lee, aka Jesse James with ‘The South’s Gonna Rise Again’

Kern Kennedy ‘Legendary Sonny Burgess and the Pacers Pianist Interviewed.

I had the great pleasure of talking to legendary Sun Records and Sonny Burgess and the Pacers pianist Kern Kennedy a coupe of years ago. This interview was published in UK Rock N Roll magazine, I thought it should be made available to a wider audience. Kern is still going strong and playing with The Legendary Pacers. Comments and shares appreciated.




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