Music and Me

Hi, I’m Simon and I write about music, I have been published internationally and on a regular basis for Big Cheese magazine and more recently the launch issue of ‘Vive Le Rock’. I have also written sleeve notes for various record labels and continue to do so when asked, please keep asking! I have also recently launched myself as  a PR/Plugger specialising in local press. I have been asked to jot stuff down in a blog, so here it is (if you were looking for racing not Rock N Roll that’s me too, but in my other blog) though I’m not sure who will be that interested but it’s good have an additional outlet. I will ramble on about anything music. My passion is Rockabilly first and foremost as well a whole host of other styles, some which have their roots in ‘billy and others that don’t. I grew up listening to Punk and Rock N Roll through choice and Country because that’s what the old folks listened to. I’m also in loads of, I suppose alternative, modern music too, so what ever I’m into and probably listening to at the time will get a mention. I get a fair bit of music sent to me to listen to and review, a lot of it ends up in Big Cheese / Vive Le Rock and their respective websites, those that don’t make it there will end up here too, feel free to repost them should you wish to. Anyway, that’s an introduction, I’m having a Sun Records sort of day today, I will be back when there is something we don’t all know to post.


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