Kylie Minogue in Meteors T Shirt shocker!

The Psychobilly world is in shock tonight after news reached it that Kylie Monogue performed at a gig in Manchester on 2nd of April sporting an iconic Meteors T Shirt design from 1981. At time of writing nobody seems to have any idea if the Australian songstress is a

fan of the band  a crazed trio who at the time featured P Paul Fenech, Mark Robertson and Nigel Lewis, their most popular tracks of the era included ‘Maniac Rockers From Hell’, My Daddy Is A Vampire’ and ‘Psycho For Your Love’. The Meteors are still going strong in 2012 with founder member Fenech at their helm touring and recording for People Like You records. Robertson and Lewis are reported to be searching high and low for suitable Kylie T Shirts to wear on stage  this coming weekend (Easter) to return the favour when their band ‘The Tall Boys‘ perform at a Psychobilly festival, The Satanic Stomp in Speyer, Germany.

The Meteors have recently released a DVD and 30th Anniversary box-set on People Like You Records

Youtube footage

The Meteors ‘Psycho For Your Love,’ is Kylie a fan?



7 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue in Meteors T Shirt shocker!

    • Hey Nick, thanks for talking the picture I hope you don’t mind me using it without asking but it was over the net like wildfire so I had no idea who took the original. Cheers Si

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