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The Roughneck Riot are a 6 piece Punk band from Warrington UK.

“Contemporary hardcore folk driven by youth and boundless energy” R2 Magazine

The Roughneck Riot
This Is Our Day
On July 16 2012 The Roughneck Riot will unleash their new album “This Is Our Day” through Bomber Music. It will be preceded by the single “Ignorance Is Easy” on June 18th.

As folk music mutates in all directions and is being cannibalised and re-invigorated within many other genres, The Roughneck Riot stake their claim to the UK Folk Punk crown.

This is no crude clichéd “Oirish” fake ceilidh band. This is no lame “Pirate” music album.

Tearing influences from the likes of Social Distortion and The Clash and injecting a definite Englishness into the music, the passion of vocalist Matty Humphries ignites this band. The accordion, mandolin and banjo are played low slung and rock’n’roll, cutting through the punk…

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