‘The New International Sound Of Hedonism’ – Jaya The Cat (Bomber Music)

Originating from Boston but based in Amsterdam since 2004, Jaya the Cat play an mesmerising mix of Reggae, Punk and Ska music – from booze fuelled anthems to chilled out dance tracks to outright social commentary. Following the 2001 release of their debut album ‘Basement Style’ Jaya The Cat began a steady touring schedule of stages across the United States and Europe, playing major clubs and festivals including the Warped Tour in the US. Their music has also been featured in numerous skate, surf and snowboard videos. 2003 saw the departure of two members and after a freezing music-less winter working shitty jobs in Boston, Geoff Lagadec (Vocals, Guitar) and David Germain (Drums – ex Shadows Fall) were joined for a spring European tour by a group of stand-in Dutch musicians. They took a 3 month sublet on an apartment in Amsterdam with the plan of regrouping and figuring out what the hell to do with themselves. Three months turned into three years, resulting in third album “More Late Night Transmissions with Jaya the Cat” – now with Jordi Nieuwenburg on guitar and Jan Jaap Onverwagt playing bass and keyboards.


Since then the band has continued to grow, playing hundreds of live shows to an ever expanding audience, as well as adding keyboards, samples, percussion and occasionally even a Tiki Bar to their onstage act. An average Jaya the Cat concert usually becomes more of a party than a performance, with the audience singing, dancing and drinking right along with the band. Years of touring, travelling and partying through the various musical cultures of Europe have honed the core element of punk and reggae – triple distilled it in dancehalls and clubs from Brighton to Barcelona to Bucharest Jaya The Cat have created a sonic moonshine that will have you hooked from the first sip. Due for Release through Bomber Music in July 2012, fourth album “The New International Sound Of Hedonism” is filled with drunken sunrises, narrow escapes, dysfunctional love affairs, political disillusionment and raised glasses, through seedy bars, carnival parades and late night dives.

For more information contact Simon Nott





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