BLOODLIGHTS – ‘Stand Or Die’ new album out on May 20th.


“Stand Or Die”

Available as: CD; LP; Digital Download

Release Date: 20th of May 2013

As the Norwegian hard rockers Gluecifer decided to call it quits in 2005, songwriter and guitar player Captain Poon quickly announced he´d be back with a new band. Bloodlights, a name he developed from some peculiar “on the road blackouts” during endless touring with Gluecifer, released their self titled début early 2008.With his new band, the Captain took the step into the centre of the stage as both lead singer and guitar player, joined by guitarist Howie B. joined his left wing. After a couple changes in the rhythm section, drummer Woody Lee and newly recruited bass player Chis Banjo are now making the Bloodlights engine rock more steady than ever.After a hectic year of 2008 touring their début album, along with acts such as Monster Magnet, Millencollin, Die Toten Hosen and The Hellacopters, they went back in the studio to record their second album “Simple Pleasures” in 2009.Another stint of touring followed the release, and along with tons of European gigs Bloodlights also did their first shows in Japan. As they started the work on their third record, the process turned into a long and chaotic one. After having finished what was meant to be the bands third album in the summer of 2011 things started to stumble. Front-man Captain Poon felt the band needed a sharper edge and decided to scrap the whole record, and start over again with new songs and a new approach.”Tons of hard work and money spent couldn’t shake off my second thoughts. We needed a rougher output, and define what we wanted to sound like. It sucked making that decision back then, but I know we did the right thing” states Captain Poon. A good eighteen months later the band is finally ready to let go of “Stand Or Die”,. This time with a content that suits the title as well as the attitude of the band. The boys from Oslo are taking no prisoners this time as they are blasting out tracks like “10 Times” “Arms Around it” “Roll With Me” and “Sure Shot”Anyone who feared traditional rock music might gasp its final breath in 2013 have nothing to worry about with this third Bloodlights disc. From start to finish this record is sure to rattle your windows and make you sweat with its hot riffage while simultaneously pitchforking major melody into your brain socket. The kings have indeed returned.


Bloodlights – Stand Or Die
1. Roll With Me 3.23
2. Arms Around It 2.57
3. Shit For Gold 2.31
4. Sure Shot 3.31
5. 10 Times 2.12
6. Blackouts And Landmines 3.33
7. Stand Or Die 2.52
8. Time To Kill 3.23
9.I Got Mine 3.21
10.Dive Into The Void 3.42



Captain Poon – guitar / vocals
Howie B. – guitar / backing-vocals
Woodie Lee – drums
Chris Banjo – bass / backing-vocals

Check out their brand new video clip ‘Arms Around It’ here.

For further information contact Simon Nott


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