The Terraces – Punks Of Mother England. UK Tour August 2013

Simon Nott Music


The Terraces are proud to announce 


In the days before punk rock tunes became the stuff of new wave in discos, it once revelled with injection. It gave the youth of yesterday’s society a voice and an identity, a powerful will and a sense of pride. It could not be beaten down or subjected to. The assumption amongst punk rockers was that their music was an expression and rebellion against all things conservative. A time not so long ago when loud guitars and big choruses changed the world forever. A time when the change was heard from the terraces of football grounds and night clubs. Through this passion and punk-rock ethos often referred to as “rebel rousing” we come to a band that takes its name and identity from this very source: The Terraces

The honesty of working class life: unbridled football passion: street-life serenades written about suburban life: anthemic…

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