Tooter’s Documentary?

Here’s the correspondence between Clayton Glover (Jnr) and Myself regarding a possible Tooter Boatman documentary. I for one would love to hear those band stories. Feel free to join in a add your voice and see if this can be made to happen. Please link to Rockabilly sites and pass on to your friends. Si


10 thoughts on “Tooter’s Documentary?

  1. Hello my name is Clayton Glover. My father was Tooter Boatmans drummer. I am talking to people to see if there would be an interest in a documentary film about Tooter Boatman. Thank you.
    Clayton E Glover

    • Hey Clayton cool that you found me and commented. I am a huge fan of the Tooter Boatman sound and I’m sure there are plenty like me in the UK and elsewhere. He is obviously fairly obscure to most but Rockabilly aficionados but on the other hand a colourful enough character to make an entertaining film about. After all how to people get know without being told. Please keep me informed and I’ll do all I can to help spread the word.

    • Just a note Clayton Glover played Drums for me the first time he ever played in a band in Texas. The Bands name was “Billy Woodruff and The Starlighters”. How is your dad? Where is your Dad?

      • Email me at and I will get you in contact with him.. I am sure he would love to hear from you! He is doing pretty good… Still married and crazy as usual.. LOL

  2. Thank you for responding. Growing up my dad was always telling stories about the band days. I always thought they were cool but they were just story’s of some guys playing in a rock band. It wasn’t until a few years ago when my dad went on a mini tour with Huelyn Duvall and wildfire willie that they were actually kinda famous. I really want to do this project for my dad and document some history. chat soon

  3. Yes, a documentary would be cool. It might make sense to try and get in touch with someone from the Blue Cats as I’m sure a lot of people were introduced to Tooter Boatman through their cover of Thunder & Lightning.
    The one thing I’d like to point out though is that there are some (too many) documentaries out there that are quite badly done, so for this one I’d say make sure it looks not necessarily professional but at least as though it tries to.
    Good luck!

  4. You need any video editing done or advise? I’m a video editor (FCP and Avid) in The Netherlands working for television series, documentaries, MTV, the lot… I also teach video editing and I’m the drummer of neo-rockabilly band Batmobile since 1983. Let me know if I can help.

  5. One more thing: I think Jan (above) is right in contacting the Blue Cats. I have also learned about Tooter Boatman through them. I have toured Japan with the Blue Cats and I could ask them if you want…

  6. Thanks for the ideas. My email is if anyone wants to contact me directly. I thank Simon so much for posting this. My dad is still alive as well as Charlie O’Bannon and I so want to get some of Tooters and the band stories documented.

    As far as good and bad docs. This is my first time doing one. But I been doing video production since 1999. Technology is come so far along that I can finally afford a camera that is very close to Cinimatic quality.

    As far as the As the Blue Cat’s are concerned MOST DEFINALTY. Any bands that are doing covers of tooter or if anyone influenced by the band I am very interested in.

    Johnny.. I planned on doing the editing myself BUT.. I will consider some help with this as well. I am hoping to get some funding to travel to the Europe to film Tooters popularity over there. But maybe we can work something out.

    Please contact me at the obove email address.

    Thank you so much for all your help on this.

    I have not even told my dad yet about this project.. LOL

    I know he is going to be thrilled..


    • It’s my pleasure Clayton, great that people have started to contribute their comments too, I hope people continue to spread the word. Feel free to link to here anywhere else you post. I will continue to try and get people on board.

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