Graveyard Johnnys Announce New Album “Dead Transmission” Is Set For May Release

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Graveyard Johnnys Announce New Album “Dead Transmission” Is Set For May Release

The South Wales Punk/Rock’n’Roll trio have announced details of their new album, “Dead Transmission” – To be released on 11/05/2015 through Bomber Music

The new 10 track album ‘Dead Transmission’ will be released on 11th May 2015 through Bomber Music.

Available on Digipak CD, Red 180g Vinyl and Digital.

To celebrate the release of ‘Dead Transmission’, Graveyard Johnnys will be playing a very special London show at The Borderline on 15/05/2015.
Support from: The Zipheads + The Ligaments

“There’s elements of rockabilly in it, of course, but overall I suppose the music is more Johnny Thunders than Johnny Burnette.” Says Double Bassist and singer, Joe Grogan, about the new record.

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dead trans

Graveyard Johnnys – Dead Transmission (Released: 11/05/15)

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Graveyard Johnnys are a band that have no respect for any sort of rules or guidelines. Formed in 2008 the trio immediately embarked on doing things their own way. Their debut, self-funded EP ‘Streetblocks and City Lights’ was fired out to anyone they thought might listen. One pair of ears that pricked up immediately were those of Mike Davies, champion of the underdog and master of the decks at the sadly now demised Radio One Punk Show. Heavy rotation followed and to date, five BBC sessions, including two at the famous Maida Vale Studios.

The boys, wasted no time packing their kit into a van and headed off on tour all over the UK and eventually Europe and Scandinavia. The vultures were already circling. Joe Grogan plays double bass and treats it with no respect whatsoever, just the sort of the fella the Psychobilly scene loves. Complimenting the ‘click-clack’, is the thunderous drum abuse, that only a real life lumberjack like Tom Lord could produce.

With influences mainly coming from Punk Rock and early Rockabilly but straying into heavier territory at times and a hint at the Irish-folk side at others, the Graveyard Johnnys can’t be pigeonholed into a single genre – Working on their own terms, with no compromise and steering clear of the well trodden gimmicks of days gone by.

The Johnnys snapped up the cream of the Psychobilly Festival slots all over Europe but, whilst keeping their options and avenues open, forged their own way playing headline gigs anywhere and everywhere alongside a wide range of support slots to bands ranging from Turbonegro to Hayseed Dixie, amassing a Graveyard Johnnys Army along the way.
Through relentless hard work on the road, heads were beginning to turn, and the band’s first European tour with Mad Sin and The Peacocks followed, the Graveyard Johnnys snatched at the chance, and took to the road, again.

Fast forward to 2011 and minus two guitarists who fell by the wayside, Tom and Joe decided to write their first full length album – ‘Songs From Better Days’, with Joe playing all the guitar as well as slapping the bass. The album showcased the band’s thirst to push the boundries of the genres they were so often lumped into whilst telling tales of those first years on tour and the life and times of being in the van.

At this point, a two-piece, the band needed a permanent guitarist, so into the fold wandered Callum Houston and finally the definitive line-up was complete. Since finding their feet as a trio the band have continued to tour relentlessly throughout Mainland Europe and Scandinavia and made their US debut last summer on an extensive tour of the Westcoast opening for Nekromantix.

The line-up is now solid, so time for this new album, ‘Dead Transmission’. Piss and vinegar in places, affectionate in others, but rocking everywhere. There are lyrical nods to the past, Dale Hawkins and Carl Perkins, and even a tribute to the Sex Pistols in there. Really? Probably not, it’s all interpretation…

For further information, to attend a show, to arrange coverage or anything else, please get in touch: /// (+447754413686) or me Simon Nott +447825618557


Smokey Bastard release brand new video ‘Aspirations, I Have Some’

                                                                                                                             Smokey Bastard


Check out their brand new video clip for ‘Aspirations, I Have Some’ here 

There are 16 pop culture  references in the video, if you can spot them all you could win a T Shirt, CD and guest list bundle, simply post them on the Bomber Music facebook page.

There is also an obvious reference to The Gaslight Anthem, praise or a hoot? I’m not sure you decide!

                                                                                                                   About Smokey Bastard
If you ask your average man on the street what his favourite 6 piece folk-punk band from Reading is, he would certainly say Smokey Bastard.
Their irreverent, raucous live shows have earned them a cult following in the UK and Europe since the release of their first album “Propping Up The Floor” in 2010.
The new album “Tales From The Wasteland” has been receiving great reviews and winning places in the end of year polls on many zines and blogs and Smokey Bastard were invited to record a session at BBC Radio 1.
Traditional folk, played by punks and banged out way faster than it really should be, they have quickly fixed a reputation as one of Britain’s hardest working and, though they’d never admit it, most musically proficient bands.
Not one to sit on the laurels, the new album ups the standard and is full of melodies to rival their rustic musicianship. A bastardised (of course) mix of Flogging Molly, Bellowhead, Dreadnoughts and every record ever made by the rare hippies who also had an Exploited record at home, this is something for the folkies and the punks in equal measure.

Smokey Bastard are:

Macca – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin
Mike Wood – Vocals, Bass
Matt – Guitars, Banjo
Lottie – Accordion
Aled – Banjo, Mandolin
Tyron Bayliss – Drums

‘The New International Sound Of Hedonism’ – Jaya The Cat (Bomber Music)

Originating from Boston but based in Amsterdam since 2004, Jaya the Cat play an mesmerising mix of Reggae, Punk and Ska music – from booze fuelled anthems to chilled out dance tracks to outright social commentary. Following the 2001 release of their debut album ‘Basement Style’ Jaya The Cat began a steady touring schedule of stages across the United States and Europe, playing major clubs and festivals including the Warped Tour in the US. Their music has also been featured in numerous skate, surf and snowboard videos. 2003 saw the departure of two members and after a freezing music-less winter working shitty jobs in Boston, Geoff Lagadec (Vocals, Guitar) and David Germain (Drums – ex Shadows Fall) were joined for a spring European tour by a group of stand-in Dutch musicians. They took a 3 month sublet on an apartment in Amsterdam with the plan of regrouping and figuring out what the hell to do with themselves. Three months turned into three years, resulting in third album “More Late Night Transmissions with Jaya the Cat” – now with Jordi Nieuwenburg on guitar and Jan Jaap Onverwagt playing bass and keyboards.


Since then the band has continued to grow, playing hundreds of live shows to an ever expanding audience, as well as adding keyboards, samples, percussion and occasionally even a Tiki Bar to their onstage act. An average Jaya the Cat concert usually becomes more of a party than a performance, with the audience singing, dancing and drinking right along with the band. Years of touring, travelling and partying through the various musical cultures of Europe have honed the core element of punk and reggae – triple distilled it in dancehalls and clubs from Brighton to Barcelona to Bucharest Jaya The Cat have created a sonic moonshine that will have you hooked from the first sip. Due for Release through Bomber Music in July 2012, fourth album “The New International Sound Of Hedonism” is filled with drunken sunrises, narrow escapes, dysfunctional love affairs, political disillusionment and raised glasses, through seedy bars, carnival parades and late night dives.

For more information contact Simon Nott



THE ROUGHNECK RIOT – This Is Our Day (Bomber Music) out on the 16th July 2012

The Roughneck Riot are a 6 piece Punk band from Warrington UK.

“Contemporary hardcore folk driven by youth and boundless energy” R2 Magazine

The Roughneck Riot
This Is Our Day
On July 16 2012 The Roughneck Riot will unleash their new album “This Is Our Day” through Bomber Music. It will be preceded by the single “Ignorance Is Easy” on June 18th.

As folk music mutates in all directions and is being cannibalised and re-invigorated within many other genres, The Roughneck Riot stake their claim to the UK Folk Punk crown.

This is no crude clichéd “Oirish” fake ceilidh band. This is no lame “Pirate” music album.

Tearing influences from the likes of Social Distortion and The Clash and injecting a definite Englishness into the music, the passion of vocalist Matty Humphries ignites this band. The accordion, mandolin and banjo are played low slung and rock’n’roll, cutting through the punk guitar and bringing a manic swirling folk element to add to the steamroller of excitement that is The Roughneck Riot.

“We are reinventing and rewriting Folk music to make sense to our lives today. We write music for people, regardless of race, nationality, age, gender or sexuality. We are a voice amongst many in the scene ready to be heard. We are here to play Folk Punk music. From nowhere & everywhere. This is our Day.”

The Roughneck Riot will be appearing at numerous festivals throughout the UK and Europe this summer before embarking once more on a full length tour in September and October

Influenced by traditional Folk music from around the world, we are reinventing and rewriting Folk music to make sense to our lives today. We write music for people, regardless of race, nationality, age, gender or sexuality. In a country with a government trying to destroy it, and a music industry run by money hungry people who couldnt care less about musicians, we are here as a voice amongst many in the scene ready to be heard.We are here to play Folk Punk music. From nowhere & everywhere.
“The Roughneck Riot generate a steam-rolling wall of melodic noise that hits you like a right hook. Combining all the right elements – Pogues, Flogging Molly, Levellers, Johnny Cash and The Clash, this is contemporary hardcore folk driven by youth and boundless energy. If this lot don’t make you smile then you’re surely deaf or dead!” – R2/Rock’n’Reel Magazine
New video released and picked up by Classic Rock magazine, see what they have to say and view the video here, oh and turn the sound to full volume.
Matty Humphries – Vocals, Mandolin
Ryan Taylor – Bass, Vocals
Simon Cowley – Drums
Jade Franklin – Accordion
Chris Green – Guitar, Vocals
Caitlin Costello – Banjo
For further information on this release please contact
Simon Nott