THE BRAINS ‘THE MONSTER WITHIN’ Out on the 15th of April on People Like You.

Press_Logo_01THE BRAINS
‘The Monster Within’
(People Like You Records)
Release Date 15th April


More Brrraaaaaiiinnnsss!!! What is the zombie’s favourite food ? Yeah right, fresh, bloody and juicy brains! That must have been the reason for this three insane and crazy guys to found the horrorpunk-psychobilly band The Brains in 2002 in Montreal. The Brains are Renè De La Muerte, who sings and plays guitar, and Johnny Montreal (contrabass) and drummer Franck O’ Brains. Johnny and Franck also played in The Ripcordz before. 2005 The Brains released their first record called “No Pain No Brain” It was an excellent mixture of punk and psychobilly what made the girls dance and the guys being a zombie – so did The Brains. In Germany their debut record was also releases by Crazy Love Records. After that a lot of shows and tour dates with such great bands as The Creepshow or Devil ‘s Hotrod took place in the band history. Then they released the records “Hell ‘N Back”, “The Brains” and “Zombie Nation”. On “Zombie Nation” from 2010 Collin The Dead replaced Johnny Montreal on double bass. In 2011 they released their last record up to now called “Drunk Not Dead”. At this point the band also changed their drummer. Matt Kadavar is the new guy on the drums. They also decided to involve a second guitar player. This gap is filled by Brad Graves. Now the strong and bloody quartet from Canada is back with their newest record. “The Monster Within” will scare you to death and show The Brains from their most shocking and insane, but also from their best and evil side. The Monster Within is released on 15th April 2013.


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The Brains Big Cheese



Mad Sin ’25 Years – Still Mad’ DVD/CD – Release Date October 8th 2012




Mad Sin were born in 1987 out the hard rockin’ street fighting, heavy drinking, seedy gutter of the rockabilly/punk underworld that flourished in a Berlin still entombed by the Eastern Bloc. Not even the Iron Curtain could stop the spread of the sickness that spewed from the first incarnation of the band, Koefte, Stein and Holly when they blasted headlong into the thriving European Psychobilly scene with their first full length album ‘Chills and Thrills’. 25 years on and 10 albums later the band have grown from the angry psychobilly trio playing squats and back rooms of dingy bars to a full-sized chart-bothering multi-genre embracing globe-trotting behemoth of a band. Mad Sin now happily straddle festival stages looking the crowd straight in the eyes just as they did in 1987 though are still as eager to dive headlong into the audience at a club gig as if the past quarter century had never happened.

’25 Years – Still Mad’ is the band’s first ever DVD release and are quite rightly very proud of it. Running for approximately 160 minutes this audio CD/DVD set features their anniversary show in their home stomping ground of Berlin recorded in 2010, interviews, and previously unreleased rare footage from 1987 onwards. In addition the set includes video clips from earlier singles, a tour documentary, private tapes and a photo slideshow. In a nutshell, ’25 Years – Still Mad’ is a near complete audio-visual celebration of the Mad Sin’s hard-fought rise to mainstream album chart success doing it entirely their own way, a fitting tribute to a band that have fought adversity every step of the way and still came out swinging.

Release Date: October 8th, 2012

“25 Years – Still Mad”

Available as: Digipak CD+DVD; Amaray DVD+CD; Digital Download

MAD SIN: “25 Years – Still Mad”


1. Intro

2. Last Gang Standing

3. Cursed

4. Point Of No Return

5. Out Of My Head

6. 1000 Eyes

7. Brainstorm

8. Wreckhouse Stomp

9. 2, 3, 4

10. Nothing’s Allright

11. Brand New Cadillac (featuring Tiger Lilly

Marleen of Bonsai Kitten)

12. Walltown Kids

13. Communication Breakdown

14. Nine Lives

15. Sell Your Soul

16. To Walk The Night

17. T.C.S.

18. Ride This Torpedo

19. Geisterfahrer

20. Do You Want More?

21. Dead Moon

22. Straight To Hell

23. Psychotic Night

24. All This And More (Additional Track)

25. Schluss


26. Interview

27. Walltown Rumble Documentary

28. Mad Sin Making Of “Cursed”

29. All This And More Videoclip

30. Nine Lives Videoclip

31. Cursed Videoclip

32. Dead Moon Videoclip

33. Photo Slide Show

34. Private Tapes


1. Intro

2. Last Gang Standing

3. Cursed

4. Point Of No Return

5. Out Of My Head

6. 1000 Eyes

7. Brainstorm

8. Wreckhouse Stomp

9. 2, 3, 4

10. Nothing’s Allright

11. Brand New Cadillac (featuring Tiger

Lilly Marleen of Bonsai Kitten)

12. Walltown Kids

13. Communication Breakdown

14. Nine Lives

15. Sell Your Soul

16. To Walk The Night

17. T.C.S.

18. Ride This Torpedo

19. Geisterfahrer

20. Dead Moon

21. Straight To Hell

22. Psychotic Night

MAD SIN are:

Koefte deVille – Vocals

Stein Dr.Solido – Guitar

Matt – Guitar

Valle – Double-Bass

Andy Laaf – Drums

Hellvis – Firespitting, Background Vocals,

Booze fighting

MAD SIN online:


THE BONES ‘Monkeys With Guns’ PRESS RELEASE out 18th June 2012 People Like You

Release Date: June 18th, 2012

“Monkeys With Guns”

Available as: CD, Limited Edition CD Digipak, LP, Digital Download

THE BONES are back in the ring with another swing!

Is it really already five years ago since Sweden’s finest Punk’n’Roll outfit took over our
stereos with Burnout Boulevard? Apparently it is, but the good news is: the wait is over.
On Monkeys With Guns, the fifth studio album in their enduring career, THE BONES are
back blazing with 15 (17 on the Limited Edition and LP) blistering, hard hitting new tracks
of perfect Punk’n’Roll marriage material made in hell.

In our case, hell is a lovely little harbour-town called Karlskrona in the Southwest of
Sweden. That’s where it all started out for THE BONES back in 1993. Back then
singer/guitarist Beef Bonanza, along with his brother Spooky Fred and bassist Dollar Ace,
were working on their first demos, which already included soon-to-be-classics like ‘I Met
Elvis At The Nudybar’ and ‘Monsters Prefer Blondes’. When singer/guitar-slinger Marcus
Boner Petersson entered the picture in 1996 things began to speed up. Sharing a mutual
love for high energetic punk and rock music in the vein of The Ramones and Motörhead and
50s and 60s rock’n’roll, THE BONES were always influenced by the melodic qualities of
bands such as The Bay City Rollers and The Barracudas as well. After self-releasing The
Horrorway EP in 1997 german punk rock label I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison
Records caught an eye on the ear-catching qualities of THE BONES. Following two more
EPs, Rock n’ Roll Race and Six Feet Down, Two Fingers Up the swedes finally released
their adeptly titled debut album Screwed, Blued & Tattooed in 2000 to critical acclaim.

The sonic equivalent of Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Ramones and Social Distortion jammed in
the backseat of a cadillac watching Grease at a seedy Drive In, took Punks, Rockers and
even Metalheads by storm. The next album Bigger Than Jesus followed the success of its
predecessor and THE BONES reputation as a a killer live act began to grow instantly.
Sharing the stage with bands and friends like Motörhead, Cockney Rejects or Die Toten
Hosen, THE BONES had made it from the local swedish youth clubs to the top of europe’s
club- and festvial circuit, building up a strong following of like-minded rock’n’roll party
animals. By 2004 Dollar Ace had left the band and long-time friend Andi Nero premiered
his bass-playing skills for the first time on the follow-up album Straight Flush Ghetto.
2007 saw the release of Burnout Boulevard, yet another album that showed no sign of
THE BONES having lost just an ounce of their gritty integrity and energy. After more than
seven years of travelling, playing and recording THE BONES decided to take things a bit
slower. With their first live-DVD Berlin Burnout, recorded at Berlin’s famous punk venue
SO36 in 2008, the band still managed to throw their fans the figurative bone, before
returning to the studio.

It’s 2012 and the wait is over. „Monkeys With Guns“ marks THE BONES’ return to form in a
new decade. Having teamed up with producer Magnus „Mankan“ Sedenberg, the guy that
can be held sonically responsible for his great work on the first three Bones’ albums, the
band is now ready to rock and roll again.

“Well, it was great hitting the studio with producer Mankan again…We had some
expectations about the sound and we got it!”, says Beef,” We puzzled our schedules
together best way possible and BANG!!! The new songs are still in the shape of THE BONES
which means dirty punk rock´n´roll but still sing-a-long. And now we´re looking forward to
the release of the album and to meet the fans and supporters.”

From the classic tongue-in-cheek track ‘Bones City Rollers’ to the anthemic, Hanoi Rocks-
influenced ‘Concrete Cowboys’ to the high roller Motörhead-anthics of ‘State Of
Rock’n’Roll’; from ‘Cemetry Sue’ covering the twangy surf turf to the Ramones-nod of
‘Hooligan Bop’ and the pelvis-shaking Presley-hommage of ‘This Hound Dog Rocks’ – THE
BONES deliver nothing less but the essence of their game: Punk’n’Roll with attitude and
hooks as big as King Kong with an Uzi at the top of the Empire State.

So grab yourself another beer, put your favourite rockabella on your lap and crank up the
stereo with „Monkeys With Guns“. It’s time to rock. And roll THE BONES….

THE BONES – “Monkeys With Guns”

1 Bones City Rollers (2:46)

2 Shooting Blanks (2:13)

3 Concrete Cowboys (2:46)

4 Smile Of The Cobra (2:22)

5 State Of Rock `N`Roll (2:30)

6 Dead Heart Beats (2:53)

7 Cemetery Sue (2:16)

8 Die Like A Man (2:33)

9 Burnout Boulevard (2:02)

10 Wendy (2:46)

11 One Louder (2:09)

12 Straight To Crashville (2:25)

13 The Hooligan Bop (1:48)

14 Mr. Bartender (2:14)

15 This Hound Dog Rocks (2:19)

Limited Edition Bonus Tracks:

I Feel Like Shit (1:51)

Stitch Me Up (2:22)

Line Up:
Spooky – drums, backup vocals, percussion
Andi – bass, lead & backup vocals, percussion
Boner – lead guitar, lead & backup vocals
Beef – guitars, lead & backup vocals, percussion
THE BONES online:


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Demented Are Go! What the press are saying.

Welcome Back To Insanity Hall – Demented Are Go has been getting some excellent reviews in the UK music press.
“It has been madness all the way, Sparky has never sounded more crazed” ‘BIG CHEESE’
“Halloween has come early thanks to the sick psychobillies – a riotous ride” ‘BIZARRE’
“Their first album in 7 years sees them tread a more meaty rock n roll path than before” ‘CLASSIC ROCK’
“This is by far their heaviest offering to date and will appeal to a whole swathe of the underground” ‘VIVE LE ROCK’
“Perhaps DAG’s most ferocious and cohesive LP since 1988’s Kicked Out Of Hell” RECORD COLLECTOR
Also on-line
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Bob Wayne ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’

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Bob Wayne

“Till The Wheels Fall Off”
Available as: CD, Ltd. CD Digipak, LP, Color LP Digital Download
Release Date: April 9th, 2012 People Like You Records
“Till the Wheels Fall Off” ain’t just an album title. It’s a way of life. And the Outlaw Carnie
responsible for it ain’t no character. BOB WAYNE is 100% the real deal: a raucous, rambunctious,
storytelling rabble-rouser with a passionate zeal for life and a reckless charm that is completely
Conquering the interstates behind the wheel of his real-life ‘70s Cadillac limo while
surrounded by a revolving gang of sweaty banjo bangers, fiddle scorchers and upright bass slappers,
BOB WAYNE carries the torch for the Outlaw Country tradition with a modern punkabilly snarl all of his
own. The rampaging troubadour has left a trail of devastated dive bars, broken hearts and one-night
stands across the United States and Europe.
BOB’s incredible catalog of home recordings, studio outings and zip-lock-baggied CDs sold
from his trunk have all finally culminated into a pair of landmark releases with People Like You Records
that encapsulate and capture just what his life’s work has been about. There’s no better place to hear
BOB than the road, but the Nashville based country singer’s “Outlaw Carnie” and newest collection of
tunes, “Till the Wheels Fall Off”, come a close second. BOB writes songs that paint vivid pictures of real
life, with an overall atmosphere befitting the rowdy carnival ride conjured in his presentation.
“I’ve always known I wanted to be on the road, no matter what,” BOB says matter-of-factly.
“Whether I was selling t-shirts for Zeke or guitar teching for Hank III, I knew I wanted to be on the
road. I don’t care what I’m doing. I’m not against getting in front of a bigger audience, but whether I’m
on CMT or MTV or not, I’m going to keep doing this, that’s for sure.”
BOB WAYNE is as true of a DIY act as there is, kicking off his career without an agent, manager,
record label, proper touring vehicle or fulltime backing band. He picked up and moved from the Pacific
Northwest to Nashville and was instantly embraced by the community of underbelly outlaws whose
stripped down and straightforward country cuts through the mainstream noise and pop pretenders.
“You can’t rely on waiting around,” he insists. “You just go. That’s what I do. I’m just going to keep
doing it.”
BOB WAYNE songs often deal with the spiritual torment of living life pulled between good and
evil; or they are about cutting loose and partying with your best friends; and then there are what he
calls “the story songs.”
The compositions on BOB’s latest album are wrung from his heart, spirit and guitar with an
authenticity that’s lacking in many of today’s various subgenres and scenes. It’s an out front, direct
and in-your-face approach that has struck a chord with people whose music collections span the
divides between country, roots, bluegrass, rockabilly, punk rock, hardcore, indie artfulness and the
rawest of stoner rock and underground metal. It’s country, to be sure, but of the strongest grain and
purest intent.
BOB laid down the roadmap for his career with the first song he ever wrote as a proper solo
artist, “Devil’s Son”, which sees it’s most solid recording on his latest album, bringing him full circle. “I
had been listening to a lot of David Allen Coe, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson,” he says. The song tells a
story about a guy who journeys to Nashville and wrestles with a few demons. WAYNE himself entered
Nashville for the first time riding on the bus with Hank III, just as the sun was coming up one morning.
“My first time rolling into this city was with the people I needed to be with,” he says.
It was almost eerie how “Devil’s Son” had predicted the subsequent years. “I’m a little leery
when I’m writing songs now,” he laughs. “’Spread My Ashes on the Highway?’ I should write about
being a millionaire!”
Money does figure into one of the album’s new songs. “A Pistol And A 100 Dollar Bill” was
written inside BOB’s motorhome during a Texas thunderstorm. “I had this girl with me. She was
beautiful. She was like, ‘How do you write these songs?’ I was like, ‘How do you look so good?’”
The girl challenged BOB: could he write a song on command? She said that if he could write a
song, right then and there in front of her, she’d spend the rest of the night doing whatever he wanted
in return. “I had a bunch of songs in the bank, I could have faked it and made it look like I was trying to
think of rhymes, but I was up for the challenge. I wrote that song right there.” The darkness of the
Texas thunderstorm served as inspiration. “I imagined this man with the devil and a woman by his
side, telling this story.
It was actually a very good song that I ended up liking. It was a challenge to see if I could write a song
on command. I’m glad I did it!”
It’s the type of story that sits easily next to a song like “All Those One Night Stands.” “I don’t
mind being with one girl but I want them to know what they are dealing with,” he says about his
touring lifestyle. “I’m out there 200 to 300 days per year. I’ve got my needs. I’m not a monk.”
Tracks like “Fuck the Law” (written while hopping trains), the real life inspired “Lost Vegas”
and the rest of the material in BOB’s catalog are often cinematic. BOB’s interests and talents extend to
screenplays, movies and other mediums as well, so it makes sense that his music is similar in scope.
“When people listen to my records I want it to be like a movie where it takes them through
different emotions. You’re happy at some points, there’s a sad part, a weird scary part. I try to fit the
spectrum of everything where you’re entertained, because it’s basically entertainment mixed with real
life experience. Pop this CD in, just like you’d pop ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ or something in, and be

Templeton Pek ‘Slow Down For Nothing’ (EP) Press Release


“Slow Down For Nothing” (EP)

Available as: Digipak CD; Digital Download

Release Date: January 30th, 2012

People Like You Records



TEMPLETON PEK have spent the summer of 2011 supporting USA giants – Rise Against across Europe and appearing alongside Good Charlotte, Bullet for My Valentine at major festivals. The Band signed to People Like You Records and headed into Modern World Studios with producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers/Lost Prophets/Bullet For My Valentine) to create the brand new EP “Slow Down For Nothing”


TEMPLETON PEK about “Slow Down For Nothing” (EP):


Signs: The first song we wrote post “Scratches & Scars” sessions, a great summary of the band with cross sections of different styles which gives a good taste of what we are about. Theme-wise; The

song is about looking forward and not clinging to the past, a theme that resonates throughout this EP, as we feel it’s a real transition for us.

What Are You Waiting For: We knew straight away that this song would work well with real strings, it turned out better than we expected, very epic. For us this is the most radio friendly song on the

EP, and again has quite a few styles in there including an uplifting middle eight. This song is about having patience and picking your battles to win the war. Sometimes you need to lose to win.

Clarity: A powerful anthem of taking control of your own destiny and moving onwards beyond doubt, this song translates great live.

Call To Disarm: A strong opening riff and pacey feel with a nice breakdown section before unleashing to the end. This song is about making your own luck and not waiting or relying on someone to do your

work for you.

Conflict In Memory: This song is about how different people perceive the same thing. Everyone’s recollections are their own. A very anthemic chorus breaks up a vicious verse accompanied by some

haunting strings.



Since this industrious unit’s inception back in early 2008, TEMPLETON PEK have certainly made a name for themselves as a seasoned touring outfit, racking up impressive supports with the likes of

Mindless Self Indulgence, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Rise Against, Funeral For A Friend, Killswitch Engage, Taking Back Sunday, No Use For A Name, All Time Low, Zebrahead, Millencolin and Story Of

The Year. In a little over two years, they’ve bagged arena shows on Taste Of Chaos and Give It A Name Tours and relentlessly headlined shows throughout the UK and Europe. Last year they also

toured with Epitaph’s Welsh crew The Blackout, spanning the depths of Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Rep, Switzerland and Belgium.


TEMPLETON PEK’s debut album “No Association”, unleashed during the winter of 2008, garnered much critical acclaim, gathering famous fans along the way including Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

quoting the album as “an excellent album…razor sharp nuggets.” The band also enjoyed expansive media coverage from the likes of MTV2, Scuzz, Kerrang! Radio, XFM, BBC 6music, Rocksound, Big

Cheese, SLAM! and Kerrang!


The band’s eagerly awaited second album, “Scratches & Scars” raised the bar both musically and lyrically. With driving rhythms and almost effortlessly woven punk-rock melodies, the three-piece

have produced an album of boundless sincerity packed with punchy riffs and peppered with alluring hooks, all set against a modern-day backdrop. From the anthemic and fiercely rhythmic first single

“Barriers” which racked up Record Of The Week on Kerrang! Radio, to the bone crushing melodic hardcore beatings of “Made To Waste”, through to the innovate dynamism and astute guile of

“Red_Lights_Flash” (which is also featured on the Colin McCrae: Dirt 2 game soundtrack alongside the likes of Biffy Clyro, Queens Of the Stone Age and You Me At Six), “Scratches & Scars” is a clear

statement of intent fuelled by a candid and earnest driving DIY ethos. Recorded, written and produced solely by the band, it’s evident that the progressive trio are not manufactured, are not

dictated to for how they should sound, and strive with integrity towards uncharted pathways.


“Slow Down For Nothing” EP:

No Association (2008)

Scratches & Scars (2011)

Line Up:

Neal Mitchell (Vox/Bass)

Kev Green (Guitar/Vox)

Simon Barford (Drums)


For digital downloads, promo photos and anything else contact

Simon Nott 07813034616